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Welcome!This BLOG is one of many resources designed to offer free, open, evidence-informed advice and support for young people who find it hard to cope in living. In particular my aim is to reach out to troubled young people who are experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties in their lives. This may be due to a number of factors. You are not alone.

Many young people experience the very same feelings, thoughts and emotional pain you are suffering. Common factors present in troubled young people stem from parents fighting, separating or divorcing; or from bullying by peers or older people; or from physical, psychological or sexual abuse. Your difficulties may last a short time or they may have been with you for what feels like ages. You probably find it hard to express yourself verbally if you are depressed or full of anxious thoughts.

Others- whether friends, teachers or family cannot understand what is the matter and they will express frustration or even anger at your behaviour. You might feel ashamed of feeling suicidal or resort to self-harming in order to relieve the unbearable pressure inside you. Check out the resources, information and self-help advice and guidance - you have nothing to lose. You have taken a brave step in getting this far. Carry on, there is help for you.

What next?
In the next few pages you will find numerous resources such as accurate information, tips, links to other support services and publications. My name is Steven Walker I have worked in public services with children and families for about 30 years. I started out as a Volunteer while at University. I am a qualified psychotherapist and social worker and I recently became a registered mentor. My speciality is Child and Adolescent Mental Health, so I have a lot of experience, knowledge and skills. But I don't know everything, and if this site cannot help you I provide details of others to access.

You need to feel comfortable with the kind of support you want and that is acceptable to your needs. Make the best use of this resource you can. I will regularly update with news, information and developments in this area of work either on the pages or blog. Please post questions whenever you feel the need. I will respond asap.

Steven Walker: Psychotherapist. MPhil, Child & Adolescent Mental Health; MSc, Social Work & Social Policy

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